Renew You Program


If you are feeling overwhelmed by the bombardment of health and wellness information, you’re not alone. Many people say to me they are confused by conflicting research and viewpoints which has left them feeling disempowered and unmotivated to implement wellness into their lives. They also tell me they don’t have the time to trawl through mountains of information.
This 6-week program takes the guesswork out of it. As a Naturopath, fitness trainer and lover of all things mindfulness, I have spent years researching and learning about healthy eating, movement, mindfulness and natural remedies. After hearing so many people being confused about what’s right for their health, I came up with ‘Renew You’. I’ve condensed years of information into a simple and easy to follow guide. The pieces of information are like stepping stones that will assist you in building your wellness foundation.
The program is recommended for people who are seeking to kick start their wellness journey. The changes are not extreme, but rather bite-sized gems that have the potential to be life changing! It will save you time and confusion so there’s no excuse but to get started today!
The program includes a week-by-week fitness schedule with a variety of exercises to suit your level of fitness and fitness goals and can be executed anywhere. The exercises are performed by me.
You are given food ideas for all meals and snacks (including vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan options). You are also provided with nutrition support, mindfulness activities, holistic beauty tips and lifestyle changes to get you feeling Fit, Energetic, Clean & Beautiful.


Product Description

What you get with this program: 

  • 6 weeks access to this all-inclusive health, fitness & holstic beauty program
  • Daily motivational messages
  • Exercise schedule with exercises you can perform in the privacy of your home, in your local park or while you’re traveling
  • Meal and snack ideas (including vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan options)
  • Nutrition support
  • Holistic beauty tips
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Lifestyle changes

Additional Information

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