Sarah Valastro is an Australian Naturopath & Personal Trainer

Sarah is an all-inclusive health professional. As a qualified Naturopath she has dedicated a decade to learning how to fuel the body with nutritious food and best practice supplementation, as well as how to heal the body with herbal medicine.

She is also a personal trainer and has helped many women (and some men) reach their fitness goals.

Sarah believes healthy lifestyle practices and mindfulness are essential ingredients to making lifelong positive change.

Sarah’s story

BeautifulMe was born out of a passion to share my unique all-inclusive approach to health and wellness with women around the globe. It comes from personally knowing what it feels like being your best, most energetic and truly glowing version of yourself regardless of age, current health status and previous medical history. Every woman can and should feel truly beautiful from the inside out.

We all have defining moments (I like to call them messages from my ‘spiritual peeps’!) that set us on a journey, and in my case, a lifelong purpose and passion.

Ten years ago, not long before I decided to start my Naturopathy degree, I visited my doctor about something quite insignificant. Previous to this visit and in my teenage years, I was often ill and had even been hospitalised for women’s health issues.
The doctor noted my medical history, paused and sat back looking bewildered. She couldn’t believe the long and complicated medical history she’d just read belonged to this healthy woman sitting in front of her.

I left the clinic that day thinking that I must be doing something right in terms of being able to heal post- illness. This was good to know. However, I didn’t want to keep going through the recovery process. I was determined to find a way of living that prevented illness as much as possible so I could be the best and healthiest version of myself.

Back then, I had no idea what I was doing with my life and just wasn’t thriving. I was in a marketing career that paid the bills, but the work didn’t inspire me. The doctor’s visit, coupled with my strong interest in food and nutrition, got me thinking about my life’s purpose. Before long I found myself enrolling into my degree in Naturopathy; a beautiful preventative natural medicine course.

During my studies, I was tested by life greatly, as we all are. Part way through my degree I got divorced. Going through a break up like that is awful. It was a devastating and stressful time and took a toll on my health. This is when I learnt that stress and emotional pain can really impact your health.

I was forced to once again look at my life and where I wanted to be. I’d always dreamed about living by the ocean in a warmer climate, believing this environment would help nourish my soul.

Now I had my second big goal.

The decision to leave Melbourne and move to Queensland (almost a 24-hour drive away!) didn’t come easily. I’d have to leave work, family, friends and security to move to a place where I only knew one person and had to start all over again. In my thirties!

But even though it scared me, it also excited and ignited me. You see, the thing is, when you start being authentic and following a path that was truly designed for you, big shifts start to happen. Things may seem scary or crazy at the time, but often they turn out to be the best changes that ever happen to you.

I was on my way, but my path wasn’t always easy. Some days, I wanted to curl up, eat bad food and drink myself into depression. But I chose not to. Instead, I focused on changing my life and improving my health by incorporating everything I was learning in my degree.

I knew how to consciously fuel my body with clean nutritious food to not only look good, but more importantly, to feel good. I used best practice supplementation and herbal medicine to nurture my body to heal and increase vitality and energy (stress leaches these things from you). As a bonus, I was rewinding the effects of ageing. And people were noticing. I even had one friend remark: ‘Are you Benjamin Button?’ Ha! Apparently, I looked younger in my thirties than what I did in my twenties. I was hooked!
I didn’t stop there. I was also passionate about fitness so I studied to become a qualified Personal Trainer and started training clients while completing my degree.

Eating nutritious food, supplementing correctly, moving my body and using results-driven holistic beauty products was giving me the changes I needed, and I wanted to ensure these results were here to stay.

Speaking from experience, long-term change is achieved when you learn how to control and change your thoughts. Often it is not enough to just eat clean and exercise. To make lifelong changes to your health, you must manage self-sabotaging behaviour and quieten the part of your mind that will find an excuse not to train, or eat well or to be grateful.

By incorporating mindfulness into my daily life, I learned to change my negative thoughts. I practise meditation/prayer, gratitude and affirmation activities. I now make laughing and having fun a priority.

Since I started my health and wellness journey, I have been sharing what I’ve learned with many beautiful women (and some men) which has helped them lose weight, get fit, feel strong, feel and look physically younger, improve skin conditions, improve digestive issues, improve chronic inflammatory conditions, increase mood, manage anxiety, improve fertility and boost energy.

My programs are not your generic 30-day diet program that doesn’t deliver lasting change. My programs take an all-inclusive approach to health and wellness. You won’t see short-term change, instead expect life-changing breakthrough to living your dream life. The one you’re meant to live. Where you’re healthy, happy, want to skip down the street and sing at the top of your voice!

So that is why I feel blessed to have followed this path all that time ago. What a journey!

Looking forward to working with you and seeing you blossom into the person you were always meant to be. Happy, healthy and beautiful.
— Sarah xx

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Sarah is a Naturopath with a unique approach. She combines Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Movement, Mindfulness & Coaching techniques designed to break toxic patterns & empower her clients to live healthy, happy & beautiful lives